Endless sorrow

Endless sorrow was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 22nd single. It was released on Mayb 16, 2001 and reached number 1 on the charts with 430,220 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 768,510+ copies. Endless Sorrow was also Ayumi’s 4th single in her I am… Era. The original version of this song wouldn’t be present on the album, instead a softer version would be there.

Endless Sorrow

1. Endless sorrow “Original Mix”
2. vogue “Kiriari Natsu Ayu Mix”
3. Endless sorrow “Natural Green Dub Mix”
4. Endless sorrow “nicely nice skyblue remix”
5. NEVER EVER “Dub’s Uncategorized Mix 001”
6. Endless sorrow “Ram’s Advance Mix”
7. Endless sorrow “Brent Mini’s gothic mix”
8. Endless sorrow “Liquid Heart Mix”
9. Endless sorrow “Juicy Ariyama Mix”
10. Endless sorrow “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

Endless sorrow the powerful rock song of sorrow. This song begins with the piano playing and it sounds so depressing, but that’s the point considering the name. The song is carried by the piano until the chorus where the guitar and drums takes over. The chorus is somewhat catchy but it’s the lyrics and Ayumi’s vocals that catch your eye.  Her vocals sound so strong and are filled with power and emotion. This song is so beautiful and yet sad almost when you hear the music. It’s a perfect combination of music and lyrics. The bridge is a mixture of the guitar and drums then it leads into the final chorus. The last line in this song are the words “Isshoni…isshoni…” lit. together…together… Then with that the piano regains control and begins playing.

Overall Review: Endless sorrow is such a beautiful song with a mixture of the piano along with the guitar and drums. Truly this is by far one of her best songs in years in terms of emotion and vocals. With all the remixes you’re bound to like one, although my favorite is on her remix album. Yet another superb single for her I am… Era.

Final Grade: 97A

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  1. […] Endless sorrow ~gone with the wind ver.~ the new version of the ballad of sorrow. As I said when I reviewed this song, the original version wasn’t placed on the album. This version is more laid back compared to the other version and the instrumentals are different. The guitar isn’t present here, with that being said the song is basically a softer and more emotional version of Endless sorrow. I liked the original version but this one is very good as it allows Ayumi to show more of her emotions. Endless sorrow’s original review is here. […]

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