M was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 19th single. It was released on December 13, 2000 and reached number 1 on the charts with 541,350 copies sold and it managed to take number 1 the following week with 185,290 copies. In all this single had sold over 1,319,070 copies, making it her 4th million copy selling single. This was also Ayumi’s first composition under the name CREA. And M is used in reference to either Maria, who is either the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene, but none of it has been confirmed. M is the first single in her I am… Era.


1. M “Original Mix”
2. M “Dub’s Hard Pop Remix”
3. SEASONS “Yuta’s weather report mix”
4. M “nicely nice winter parade remix”
5. Far away “Laugh & Peace MIX”
8. M “RANK-M Mix”
10. M “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

M “Original Mix” is one of Ayumi’s best ballads written. This song is mostly a string driven ballad except during the chorus for a bit and during the bridge. The song begins almost instantly and Ayumi begins to sing. The lyrics are so beautiful and sound amazing with the music. The music begins with the piano playing softy and then the strings play. And in the verse before the chorus the music begins to change into something more beautiful. The chorus of the song is completely mind blowing with all the instruments and such. And finally the bridge is the electrical guitar playing and it sounds amazing. The best part of this song is the final chorus which sounds so great and the music sounds perfect. After that Ayumi sings the last verse and ends the song.

Overall Review: M was passion, love, and heaven all in one single. This was perhaps the most beautiful song at that time and it sounded so new and original compared to her singles then. I like that there are a lot of remixes here so that you can find the right one for you. The lyrics were very beautiful and the song was just so superb. This was the best way to begin the I am… Era.

Final Grade: 100A+

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  1. […] M “HΛL’s Progress” another re-arranged song by HΛL. I loved the original version of M as it was such a great song that has a little rock feel to it. In this version the song has been lengthened and has more of an orchestra/piano feel. It begins with the orchestra playing along with the piano and then Ayumi begins to sing. Instead of the electric guitar providing the bridge an electric organ takes its place. And with that it has a church feel to it along with a little scary edge. Finally the song ends with a beautiful piano ending. Here is where you can find the review of the original version of M. […]

  2. […] M the beautiful soft rock/classical ballad. This was the first song of the I am… Era. It’s such a great and beautiful song. One of the most notable things in the song is that the rhythm increases towards the chorus. And it’s also a little different as the whole song goes. There’s really three choruses at the end. Still a fantastic song that can be viewed here. […]

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