evolution was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 20th single and was released on January 31, 2001. This was her first single of 2001 and it reached number1 on the charts with 503,020 copies. In all it would go on to sell 955,250, with that it became the 7th single of the year. Evolution was also the second single in the I am… Era. It like M was also written under Ayumi’s pen name CREA, making it her second song to be written under that name.


1. evolution “Original Mix”
2. evolution “Dub’s Floor Remix Transport 004”
3. evolution “DJ REMO-CON REMIX”
4. End of the World “Laugh & Peace MIX”
5. evolution “BOOM・BASS・Ayumix”
6. evolution “Oriental Hot SPA”
7. SURREAL “nicely nice electron’00 remix”
8. evolution “Huge terrestrial birth mix”
9. evolution “LAW IS Q mix”
10. evolution “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

evolution can best be described as a fast, upbeat, rock/dance/pop song. This song begins with a la, la, la la la la la, la la la with the piano playing from there it turns into a fast moving song powered by the guitar and a little synth sounds. From there the song sounds so rock and dance inspired. The chorus is the best part of the song as it’s fast, upbeat, catchy, and a little rock with dance/pop. Towards the last chorus Ayumi’s vocals get distorted and it makes her voice sound even better and adds a great little synth touch to the album. The song then ends after the final chorus with the guitars playing slower.

Overall Review: evolution was an explosive fast single. This song is one of her fan favorites, and it’s no wonder why. Once again it does feature a lot of remixes so you can find the one that you like the most. I think this was a nice change from some of her other singles as it features a little more genres so to say. An evolution from her normal singles. Another great single in the I am… Era.

Final Grade: 97A

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  1. […] evolution, the 2nd upbeat rock song. It’s almost like the older brother of UNITE! with the rock quality and all, but I think it’s a little better. Again the chorus in this song is fantastic and I love how it moves so quickly. It too is a great addition to this album. Here is the review of evolution. […]

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