Blog Stats / Hikki News

This is the first post of the Blog Stats page. It will be posted once a month or when i milestone has been passed. And today I found out that I have already had 1,000+ visitors. That’s such a huge milestone for me considering I post no dl links. Thanks to much to everyone who visited. And the best day ever was January 21, 2008 with 121 views and Ayumi’s HEAVEN was viewed the most with 29 views. Thanks so much.

Time for Hikki News:
Hikki has just finished her last song on the album it according to her it is very upbeat. She also mentioned that the album is in the mastering stage and that she feels that it will be an album she can be proud of. Also the PV that we’re so anxiously awaiting for will be airing tomorrow, but I have no clue if it’s a clip or the whole PV. That’s it for Hikki News.

Credits go to U Blog


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