Free & Easy

Free & Easy was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 26th single. It reached number 1 on the charts and sold 281,090 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 486,520+ copies. Free & Easy not only began her RAINBOW Era but it was also the start of her no. 1 single streak, which she has held today. Free & Easy was also seen in a change of her singles, form now on, her singles would no longer feature as many remixes as her previous singles.

Free & Easy

1. Free & Easy
2. Naturally “Dolly mix”
3. still alone “Warp Brothers Extended Mix
4. Free & Easy -Instrumental-

Free & Easy, a beginning of a new era. This is the first new song in Ayumi’s brand new era, the RAINBOW Era. This song is seen as a mixture of both light and dark, or ballad and rock. This is an unusual combination for Ayumi but then again she really can handle these kind of things. The song opens up with a flute followed by a beautiful piano. Ayumi begins singing the verses so softly but then out of no where, she begins singing in a more aggressive tune as the guitar replaces the piano. Shortly the piano takes control as Ayumi sings softer. But the guitar begins to play along with an electric organ and Ayumi’s vocals sound fierce. Then the chorus begins. The chorus is so fantastic and catchy. It’s a fusion of the piano and guitar almost fighting for control. The lyrics take about collecting beautiful things in such a filthy world, it seems so sad. This continues throughout the song until the end, where the piano begins playing until the song ends. What a fantastic song.

Naturally “Dolly mix” is a remix of the song Naturally which was on her studio I am… I loved the original version because it sounded a little dance and rock song. This remix has turned it into an almost fantasy song with a faster beat and slower chorus. The original was better in all ways.

still alone “Warp Brothers Extended Mix is a remix of still alone found on I am… This remix has made the song longer and has give it a more dance feel.

Overall Review: Free & Easy was a fusion in the flesh. It featured a great mix of a ballad’s piano and a rock song’s guitar riffs. The remixes need a bit of work, but they’re remixes, what do you expect. I wish that it has a new B-Side but that’s all right. This was the best new way to open up her RAINBOW Era.

Final Grade: 93B+


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