FREAKY was Koda Kumi’s 36th single. It was released on June 27, 2007 and reached number 1 on the charts with 108,349 copies sold, this made it her 4th number 1 single. In all it would go on to sell more than 195,000+ copies, making it the 3rd highest selling single of the year by a female, behind Utada’s Flavor Of Life and Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry. Even though there are 4 tracks this single acts more like a double A-Side with two PVs, one for FREAKY and one for Run For Your Life. But all the other songs were B-Sides, so only FREAKY would be added to the album. And I thought it was going to be like 4 Hot Wave. Also the song anytime was originally supposed to be on this single but was replaced by Run For Your Life for unknown reasons. And the remixes of these songs were available to first press buyers, otherwise you’d get the instrumentals.


2. Sora
3. Run For Your Life
4. girls
5. FREAKY – Surtek Collective’s Aciton Remix feat. Peter Rap
6. Sora -Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix-
7. Run For Your Life -Kaskade Remix-
8. girls -CUBISMO GRAFICO Beach Girls MIX-

FREAKY, the spirited rock tune with an empowered arrangement. This is really an adult song when it comes down to it. Don’t get me wrong the song is great, but some of the lyrics are bad. With that being said don’t let it stop you from listening. The verses feature some awesome distorted vocals. The chorus sounds so amazing, a bit loud and aggressive but that’s the great thing about it. Not to mention that it’s so catchy. It’s not bad for a rock/adult song. It’s a shame that it’s so short though.

Sora lit. Sky, the smooth laid-back tune. Some people have said that it’s forgettable and dull, but I think it’s a wonderful, little, cute song. This mid-tempo song with the piano is so sweet. I also liked the lyrics of this song, they seemed so up-beat. The chorus is pure happiness and sounds fantastic. Considering how most of her songs are, this is a good change.

Up next is Run For Your Life, which had its own PV but wasn’t an A-Side. It has a nice drum beat and the music is good, but it’s not all that exciting in my opinion. It sounds a little sweet until you hear the chorus where it seems a little meaner so to say. I did love the background vocals before but the chorus itself, not so much. It still sounded nice and all, but it wasn’t all that great. On the bright side it did sound somewhat catchy.

Did someone say With your smile 2? Nope, it’s just girls. This song sounds so similar to With your smile, it’s almost inconceivable. It has that up-beat, pop, dance, infectious feeling, that’s similar to With your smile. The chorus was so great too, mostly because it was so catchy, the percussions were a great addition. The lyrics mention pj’s, girls talk, fashion, last chance, and a rap song. But, I really loved this song and I was sad when It wasn’t added to Kingdom. With your smile 2? NO! Another upbeat summer dance tune? Yes! Oh well what a great song.


FREAKY, well all I have to say is bad. This song was perfect the way it was, but with the new remix they’ve managed to kill the song. The island feeling is just plain horrible. Stick with the others.

Sora’s remix was just fine. I actually liked it. They just made it a dance track with the constant beats. The song is still upbeat as ever and it sounds great. Much better than FREAKY’s remix. This is the best remix on the single.

Run For Your Life this remix was a little more interesting than all the others. This too is a little dance oriented. Kumi’s vocals are also distorted a little. Her vocals are a little softer in terms of loudness. Overall this was an okay remix.

girls’s remix well this is another dance remix. Although it is better than the remix of FREAKY the remix isn’t that much better. The music gets annoying after a while. The original version is much better, synth can only do so much, same goes with the strings.

Overall Review: FREAKY was another new summer single. The overall vibe was good but at the same time confusing, there was no distinct style. Almost like 4 Hot Wave, except 4 Hot Wave was better. I do see why it came in number 1 on the charts, all the songs were really great, the remixes were so-so, but the songs were great. It’s obvous to see how it reached 1 on the charts. What another great single in the Kingdom Era.

Final Grade: 97A

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