BUT / Aishou

BUT / Aishou was Koda Kumi’s 35th single and was released on March 14, 2007. This single reached 2 on the charts with 63,692 copies sold. It came behind Utada Hikaru’s own Flavor Of Life which remained 1 on the charts until a week later. In all it has sold over 130,800+ copies. It was also released on the same day as Kumi’s BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~, a 3rd compilation album containing ballads. This was also the first single in the Kingdom Era.

BUT / Aishou

1. BUT
2. Aishou
3. BUT ~The Ghettobots Remix~
4. BUT
5. Aishou

The first track on this single is quite the dance track, entitle BUT. This song has been described as a destructive, four on the floor dance track and a time machine dance style song. Immediately it begins with the drums playing. The whole dance part was correct. Kuu’s vocals are perfect in this song, so amazing. The other vocals didn’t even present a problem either. Kumi’s English is pretty good except with the r’s and l’s, but that’s to be expected. The chorus is so addictive, great heavy beats with some great distorted vocal! The overall music is so catchy.

And after a destructive dance track, what’s better than Aishou lit. Proof of Love, the guitar powered ballad. When I heard it I thought it was so-so but after a few listens this song began to grow on me. The song has some great acoustics and wonderful instrumentals. Kuu’s vocals become so powerful in the chorus and it sounds amazing. You can also hear the guitar make an appearance in this song. This song is purely love, and the lyrics were nice even though they borrowed a line from Love goes like…

BUT ~The Ghettobots Remix~ this is a more laid back version of BUT. I really don’t like this as much as the original. They’ve taken away all of the fun, dance elements.

Overall Review: BUT / Aishou was supreme dance supremacy, and a lovely ballad, all in one. I loved both of the title tracks. Despite them being so different from the very type of music and feel they were fantastic. One was so fun and energetic and the other was so beautiful and lovely. And I loved the cover, too. What an explosive way to begin the Kingdom Era.

Final Grade: 95A

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