Startin’ / Born To Be…

Startin’/Born To Be… was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 39th single. It was released on March 8, 2006 and reached number 1 on the charts with 116,034 copies and in total it would go on to sell 188,500+ copies. This was also her 14th consecutive number 1 single on the charts. This also became her 26th number 1 single and gave her the record for the most number 1 singles by a female artist. This is also the first single in Ayumi’s Secret Era.

Startin' / Born To Be...

1. Startin’
2. Born To Be…
3. teens “acoustic version”
4. Startin’ -Instrumental-
5. Born To Be… -Instrumental-

Startin’ is such a good song from Ayumi. It seems to have a little rock vibe to it. There are some parts in English, but just the “Dreamin’, Startin’.” The chorus is so catchy with all the guitar beats and it’s sounds mind blowing. The music is probably one of the best things in the song, but that’s okay. The bridge is driven by the guitar along with the sound of a disc/record being scratched, almost like someone is djing. Overall one of the best songs during this era.

Born To Be… is quite an interesting song. During the beginning it’s a bit annoying as Ayumi doesn’t sing until the first verse but when she does it’s good. The verses were actually more catchy than the chorus, well that’s what I think. I just really didn’t like how other people were singing, other than that it was good. The song was also used as a tie in with a channel broadcasting the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy. The overall song is pretty catchy with all the music and the melody. The bridge is driven by the drums beating, but they sound like animal skin drums. It’s almost like Bold & Delicious but with better vocals and not as annoying.

teens “acoustic version” this is a cover song of TRF’s teens. It’s an acoustic song if you haven’t guessed. It actually sounds more like a ballad with the violins and piano. The song really didn’t jump out at me, there was really no good example of emotion in her voice.

Overall Review: Startin’ / Born to Be… was the prefect way to open up her Secret Era with both a rock and pop song. I loved the fact that these songs sounded so good even though they were opposites. The teens “acoustic version” lowered the overall grade but it’s still good. I felt that it was a big improvement from her previous single and album. A dreamy way to begin the Secret Era.

Final Grade: 93B+


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