Koi no Tsubomi

Koi no Tsubomi was Koda Kumi’s 31st single. This was the first single after her 12 Singles Collection. It was released on May 24, 2006 and reached number 2 on the charts with 140,267 copies sold, in all it has sold over 273,060+ copies. This is also the most successful single in terms of digital sales, it has been downloaded more than 2,000,000 times. This single was the first single of the Black Cherry Era.

Koi no Tsubomi

1. Koi no Tsubomi
2. Koi no Tsubomi (A Cup of Milk Tea Bossa Nova Version)
3. Koi no Tsubomi (Instrumental)

Koi no Tsubomi, the perfect song to begin the new era for Kumi. This song is one of her more upbeat, happy songs, and it’s a good change. This song sounds so happy and carefree, which is why I love it so much. The music compliments the lyrics along with Kumi’s vocals. The song is a little fast paced and the chorus is so addictive, I could go on singing it for hours on end, but I won’t. And the bridge is filled with a beautiful orchestra, or really violins, with a little twinkle sound. Overall the perfect beginning.

The next track is a delightful remix entitled Koi no Tsubomi (A Cup of Milk Tea Bossa Nova Version). This remix is actually a more mature version of the original, and it’s a nice change. The only real differences are the instrumentals, and the pace of the song. The song is more laid-back and more relaxing, like sipping a cup of tea! It also, in my opinion, appears to have a little jazz feel to it. Kumi’s vocals are also slower and softer, then again so is the song. Finally a nice remix that I can stand.

2 Responses to “Koi no Tsubomi”
  1. vinyabarion says:

    OMG! I was so addicted to the Bossa Nova remix, I loved it! **steals pictures**

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  1. […] Koi no Tsubomi, lit. Bud of Love. This was released as a single right after her previous album. It’s an upbeat, happy, care free song. And the music in this song fits it perfectly. The chorus is great and sounds exciting. What a cute little addition to the album, especially with the violins playing in the background. If you listen to one track on this album, make it Koi no Tsubomi. Here’s the review of Koi no Tsubomi. […]

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