BLUE BIRD was Ayumi Hamsaki’s 40th single. It was released on June 21, 2006 and reached number 1 on the charts with 160,572 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 258,566+ copies. This single also has over 730,000+ legal downloads. This was also Ayumi’s last single in the Secret Era.

BLUE BIRD -Ayumi Hamasaki

2. Beautiful Fighters
3. Ladies Night ~another night~
4. BLUE BIRD “Harderground Remix”
5. BLUE BIRD -Instrumental
6. Beautiful Fighters -Instrumental-

If Summer fun was a song it’d have to be BLUE BIRD. It’s very similar to glitter and fairyland, featuring that infamous pop vibe, and that bubblegum pop happiness. I can honestly say that the first time I heard it I couldn’t get enough, I must’ve watched the whole PV 20-30 times in one night. The song begins with some lovely, calming instrumentals followed by Ayu singing. And Ayumi’s vocals sound so relaxed during this part of the song, and I love how it builds up to the chorus. The chorus follows shortly and that’s when Ayumi sings happily full of joy. And the chorus is so catchy and up-beat, filled with great vocals. From there on the song continues with that beautiful music and Ayumi’s cheerful vocals. The bridge is a mixture of the original music and some synth elements. The final chorus begins with less instrumentals until more take its place. What a great song!

Keeping with the pop trend is Beautiful Fighters. It might be another pop song, but it’s the weaker of the two for sure. It begins with whistles and Ayumi singing with a distorted voice for a few seconds. The vocals sounded nice but that was it, no great extension of that. The chorus is a little catchy and there’s even some English. It just took a while before the song got interesting and that was the main problem. After hearing BLUE BIRD this isn’t as good, but still a nice song.

The next track is Ladies Night ~another night~. It’s a remix of Ladies Night, found on Ayumi’s Miss(understood) album. Well I can say that this remix added a heavy dance vibe to it. Why don’t we just say that the original is so much better.

BLUE BIRD “Harderground Remix” this like the previous remix adds yet another heavy dance vibe. It also prolongs the song to about 6:24. All the electric beats really kill this song for me. I can say that the original is better, by far. It also focuses more on the beats than Ayumi’s vocals.

Overall Review: BLUE BIRD was summer fun in the sun. I loved how it was another one of Ayumi’s summer pop songs, that screamed happiness. Considering how sales have diminished so badly, this is quite a single. The PV was great for this, and the songs were so nice. The overall happy feel of the single really makes it what it is. It was the best way to end her Secret Era.

Final Grade: 98A

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  1. […] Fun in the sun is the best way to describe BLUE BIRD. Even though it was released as the last single it was certainly a popular one. This is truly a summer, pop, up-beat song. […]

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