HEAVEN was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 37th single. It was released on September 14, 2005 and reached number 1 on the charts with 168,540 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 327,000+ copies. Both HEAVEN and Will would be placed on her (miss)understood album.


1. HEAVEN “Original Mix”
2. Will “Original Mix”
3. alterna “Orchestra Version”
4. HEAVEN “Piano Version”
5. HEAVEN -Instrumental-
6. Will -Instrumental-

One thing I can say about HEAVEN is that it’s one of her darker ballads. That being said it’s also one of the most beautiful ballads that she sung back in 2005. The piano was a lovely instrument during the soft verses. Another thing I loved about this song was the use of traditional Japanese instruments right before the chorus. It was so creative and gave it a little flare, especially with the strings and woodwinds, it was one of my favorite parts. And I loved the ad-libbing, so heavenly. As for the chorus, well it was so fantastic, and rather catchy. But I really loved the line “Kimi ga tabidatta ano sora ni” right after the Japanese instrumentals. But even so it was so beautiful, even with the addition of the electrical guitar.

From the very odd beginning I immediately fell in love with Will. The frequent use of traditional Japanese instruments gave the song such a unique feel. And when the strings played I loved it even more. When the guitar, strings, and other instruments played during the chorus they sounded so magnificent. And the chorus was so fantastic, it was so catchy I loved the lyrics in combination with her vocals they were a fantastic duo. This is one of her more serious songs, but one of her better ones too.

Well I loved the original version so I wondered how alterna “Orchestra Version” would sound. I can honestly say that alterna is one of my favorite Ayumi songs from this era, but the Orchestra Version, not so much. I guess I loved the rock aspect of it, but the orchestra version kinda ruined it. It’s okay and sounds more calm but the whole thing about alterna was the guitars, that have now been replaced by the violins. I just prefer the original version.

As for the Piano Version of HEAVEN, well it sounds even more lovely. But I still love all of the instrumentals from the original version, making this version far less superior. Still, it’s another beautiful version of heaven.

Overall Review: HEAVEN was one lovely single. The one thing I loved about this single was UNITY! There was one basic general theme, and that was the fact that these songs were all ballads, each unique and so beautiful. Now I can honestly say that the remixes could have been better, but for the most part they were wonderful. And this was also one of the most natural covers I’ve seen from Ayu, no vanity at all. Another great single for (miss)understood.

Final Grade: 93B+


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