Bold & Delicious / Pride

Bold & Delicious / Pride was Ayumi Hamsaki’s 38th single. It was released on November 30, 2005 and reached number 1 on the charts. This single would go on to sell over 133,000 copies in all. Although Ayumi writes all of her songs, these two songs were composed, or written if you will, by Geo of Sweetbox. This single in my opinion did poorly on the charts maybe because Ayumi had never done anything like this before. This single might have also alienated some of her fans, and some fans have even stated how much they hate this single. But you have to decide whether you like it or not. It was also the last single in her (miss)understood Era.

Bold & Delicious / Pride

1. Bold & Delicious
2. Pride
3. HEAVEN “M.O.R. House Mix”
4. Will “Wall5 Remix”
5. Bold & Delicious -Instrumental-
6. Pride -Instrumental-

Well I must first admit that I’m not a fan of Bold & Delicious. From the opening of “” I really didn’t like it to be honest with you. Considering the song was written by GEO I had no idea what to expect. But the one thing I couldn’t stand was the fact that she didn’t sing all of the chorus, only parts of it. The claps were a nice touch, but that was about it. Ayumi’s vocals are still great here, especially when she hits those high notes but that was about it. I might not like this song but you can’t say her voice is bad. Overall stick with your own songs Ayumi. And come to think of it, this song reminds me of Born to Be… but it’s not half as good.

Well at least Pride is a ballad, with some beautiful strings at first. The piano playing was a nice touch, but the song sounded very sad. I did like however how it sounded more full of life during the chorus, but the song was just too bland for my taste. But her vocals were great in this song.

If you liked the ballad HEAVEN but wanted a dance remix, you might like HEAVEN “M.O.R. House Mix”. In this version of HEAVEN the song is transformed form a ballad to a fast paced dance song. The music is very upbeat and has heavy dance beats. Overall a nice version of HEAVEN, one you can dance to.

Will “Wall5 Remix” well what can I say. This version is more of a dance version of the song. But I think the original version of will is better. No surprise there though, Will was just a blast compared to this song.

Overall Review: Bold & Delicious / Pride was a failure to say the least. I did like the cover and everything but I just couldn’t stand the music and all the annoying vocals besides Ayumi’s. And it was one of her weakest singles in a long time. I guess what I’m saying is that Ayu needs to stick to writing her own songs for the most part, and stay away from having other people sing the chorus besides her, it sends a confusing message to people. Not the best way to end the (miss)understood Era.

Final Grade: 85C+


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