Addicted To You

Addicted To You was Utada Hikaru’s 4th single. It was released on November 3, 1999, this would make it her last single of 1999 and her first single in the Distance Era. This single reached number 1 on the charts with 1,067,510 copies sold, and it would go on to sell over 1,784,050 copies in all, this made it her best single to date, not including the two versions of Automatic / Time Will Tell. This single was also produced and arranged by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for Flyte Tyme Productions. And the single cover was shot by the late legendary photographer Richard Avedon.

Addicted To You

1. Addicted To You [UP-IN-HEAVEN-MIX]
2. Addicted To You [UNDERWATER-MIX]
3. Addicted To You [UP-IN-HEAVEN-MIX] (Instrumental)
4. Addicted To You [UNDERWATER-MIX] (Instrumental)

Beginning her Distance Era is Addicted To You [UP-IN-HEAVEN-MIX]. And one thing I can say about this song is that it’s old, but old means extremely amazing. This is one of Hikki’s oldest songs, in fact this was the first new single, not counting First Love because it was a re-cut single, after her best selling album First Love. There are some great, heavy beats in this song, and with the music it’s a perfect combination. The music sounds so amazing along with Hikki’s voice, lyrics, and the melody. The chorus was so addictive and  phenomenal. All I can say is this is a must listen if you’re a big R&B fan.

Following is the [UNDERWATER-MIX] which is more laid back and longer. It’s also a bit slower. Hikki’s vocals are completely the same. Overall it’s an R&B song with just different music. But the first version was better.

Overall Review: Addicted To You, two R&B twins with immense power. It was the perfect way to begin her Distance Era. I think that this was her most R&B inspired single to date. While I do wish there was more variety it was how Hikki did things in the past. But I just loved the overall feel of this song, the first one anyway. A wonderful way to begin the Distance Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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