White Light / Violet Sauce

White Light / Violet Sauce was 28th single and was released on November 26, 2005. This single reached 7 on the charts with 31,000+ copies, and it would go on to sell over 73,000+ copies. This was also the first single in her PLAY era.

White Light / Violet Sauce

1. White Light
2. Violet Sauce
3. Violet Sauce (Anotha Recipe)
4. White Light (Instrumental)
5. Violet Sauce (Instrumental)

White Light is the first A-Side on this single. This is more of a Christmas song, with a little R&B vibe to it. I have nothing against this song, but in my opinion it’s not that good. It seems a little dull. Maybe there was a reason why is wasn’t on her PLAY album.

Violet Sauce, the second A-Side, begins with a little broken piano sound, then changed into a heavy R&B song. This song was the theme song for Japan’s Sin City. I love the lyrics in this song, and the main reason is the catchy-ness along with the use of English. I have no idea what Violet Sauce, but from this song it sounds good!

Violet Sauce (Anotha Recipe) this is the remix of Violet Sauce. In this version the song is shortened. There’s some rapper singing Violet Sauce in the background and it sounds annoying. This isn’t my favorite remix at all. The original is better.

3 Responses to “White Light / Violet Sauce”
  1. vinyabarion says:

    That was prompt, lol…

    And I have to disagree with you on the remix… but you knew that… lol


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  1. […] Violet Sauce (Spicy) well I can say that I like the original version of Violet Sauce but when I head this version, it changed everything. the Spicy adds a more rock vibe to the song that makes it sound even more delicious, especially with all the guitars. Overall a much better version. Here is the review for Violet Sauce. […]

  2. […] much as I love Christmas music I still don’t like White Light all that much. The mid-tempo arrangement of light R&B music and the occasional acoustics and […]

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