No Regret

No Regret was Koda Kumi’s 26th single. Like you, this single was not limited to 50,000 copies. This single was released on January 25, 2006 and reached number 4 on the charts with 72,000+ copies sold. It would go on to sell over 131,000+ copies. No Regret’s “dress” is from India.

No Regret

1. No Regret
2. Rain (Unplugged Version)
3. No Regret (Instrumental)
4. Rain (Album Version Instrumental)

No Regret can best be described as a dance song. It’s a quick moving song that screams dance. This is one of the only dance songs out of her 12 Singles Collection, but this is a good one. The chorus is somewhat catchy, but it’s the music that makes it sound really good. I guess you could say that the music is really catchy. You can also hear some English in the background, which adds an interesting feature to the song. Overall a very good song, with a nice dance/club vibe.

Rain (Unplugged Version) is a live version of Rain, originally found on her Feel My Mind album. The song itself sounds nice, and calm. But there’s really no power to it, that’s what I feel. The acoustic vibe is nice though, overall stick with the original.

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