KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatsuya

KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatsuya was Koda Kumi’s 28th single. It was released on February 8, 2006 and reached number 3 on the charts with 34,000+ copies sold. KAMEN went on to sell over 46,900+ copies. This is also her 3rd, and last, of the 12 Singles Collection to have a featured artist. The “dress” from this single comes from Hawaii.


1. KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatsuya
2. KAMEN (with your darling version)
3. KAMEN (with your honey version)
4. KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatsuya (Instrumental)

KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatsuya sounds like a romantic song. Kamen is mask or disguise in Japanese. I can honestly say that this isn’t one of my favorite songs. The song is ok, but I find Tatsuya’s voice a little annoying. Koda’s voice is better. The lyrics are ok, and the song is a little slow and laid back.

KAMEN (with your darling version) is just with Tatsuya’s vocals, even worse.

KAMEN (with you honey version) is just with Kumi’s vocals, I can actually stand this version.

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  1. […] KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatsuya this is one of her songs with a featured artist. It guess you could call it a love song, but I’ve heard better. I wasn’t that thrilled about the chorus that much, or Tatsuya’s vocals for that matter. Kumi needs to sing by herself if it’s going to be with an artist like this. The review of KAMEN can be viewed here. […]

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