FUNKY TOWN was Namie Amuro’s 31st single. It was released on April 4, 2007 and reached 3 on the charts with 34,200+ copies sold. In all it would go on to sell 54,000+ copies. This is also the last single in Namie’s PLAY era. And this is not a cover song of Lipps Inc famous 1980 song Funky Town.

FUNKY TOWN - Namie Amuro

2. Darling
3. FUNKY TOWN (Instrumental)
4. Darling (Instrumental)

FUNKY TOWN, sweet cartoons. This song is very pop/dance/cartoon influenced, a very unique yet great combination. It has a little cartoon voices when the 1,2,3,Go. It has a very good and well arranged background music. Whistles and claps can be heard throughout the song. Also some cartoon noises can be heard during parts of the song, and you’ll know them once you hear them. The chorus is pretty catchy. Overall a nice funky song.

Darling, this is the B-Side. I can honestly say that this song didn’t interest me as much as Funky Town, but when has any of her B-Sides interested me? The music is okay, and so is the melody. The best part is the chorus, other than that, mediocre. But I can see why it wasn’t on PLAY.

Overall Review: FUNKY TOWN was pure excitement and fun. The single overall was rather enjoyable and happy. I really loved the title and the song overall. As for the B-Side, well it could’ve been better. But, I think that even with this single not doing so well on the charts, it’s definitely a good buy. What an unusual and yet energetic way to end the PLAY Era.

Final Grade: 97A

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  1. […] FUNKY TOWN, one of my favorite singles from Namie. This song adds a nice little pop/dance/cartoon vibe to the album. Another good addition to the album, better this than Darling. Click here for the review of FUNKY TOWN. […]

  2. play that funky music

    Uhhh. Very Interesting.

  3. […] FUNKY TOWN is funky to say the least. It involves a lot of different elements as well as some interesting music. The R&B touch is always good but I’m not sure the brass helped this song all that much. […]

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