Baby Don’t Cry

Baby Don’t Cry was Namie Amuro’s 30th single. It was released on January 24, 2007 and reached number 3 on the charts 52,100+ copies sold, in total this single would sell 144,081 copies. This was Namie’s most successful single since Say the word, released in 2001, later to be broken by 60s70s80s. This single in my opinion was a comeback for Namie, even though she never fell from popularity that much. Baby Don’t Cry was the third single in Namie’s PLAY era, and it is my favorite single from that album.

Baby Don't Cry - Namie Amuro

1. Baby Don’t Cry
2. Nobody
3. Baby Don’t Cry (TV MIX)
4. Nobody (TV MIX)

Baby Don’t Cry, the fan favorite. It begins with a heart beating and then turns into a mid-tempo ballad. This song is my favorite song out of her PLAY singles, mostly because it’s softer and more calming. The chorus is my favorite part, because of the frequent use English and because it’s so catchy. But the chorus here was also such a lovely treat; Namie’s vocals were fantastic and gave the chorus life. The music is pretty good along with the melody, the two compliment each other. The verses were quite catchy too at a few points. The ending was very beautiful, it’s no wonder why it was such a popular tune.

Nobody this song was originally supposed to be on her White Light / Violet Sauce single, but was not for some reason. This song shares the same music with White Light. I can honestly say that this song doesn’t interest me that much. It doesn’t jump out at me like Baby Don’t Cry. I don’t think that Namie’s vocals are that great here. It’s okay but could be better.

Overall Review: Baby Don’t Cry was sheer happiness and love. You really couldn’t have asked for a better single from Namie than this. I just fell in love with this song, especially because of the great lyrics and English. I wasn’t that thrilled with Nobody but the single overall was so amazing and so pleasing. Another great single for PLAY.

Final Grade: 94A-


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