12 Singles Collection Finale: Someday / Boys♥Girls

Someday / Boys♥Girls was Koda Kumi’s 30th single. This single was released on February 22, 2006 and reached number 3 on the charts with 58,300+ copies. Someday / Boys♥Girls wasn’t limited to 50,000 copies like the others and this was the last of the 12 Singles Collection. This was also her first double A-Sided single of the 12 Singles Collection The “dress” of this single represents Japan.

Someday / Boys♥Girls

1. Someday
2. Boys♥Girls
3. Someday (Instrumental)
4. Boys♥Girls (Instrumental)

Someday begins sweet but changes into somewhat of a pop song I guess. To be honest with you this really isn’t my favorite song. I felt like there was no power in Kumi’s voice. I think I liked Boys♥Girls better.

Boys♥Girls, the second A-Side. This song starts off quickly with the chorus, which is very upbeat. The chorus as a whole was so great and was so catchy, which is the main reason why I like this song better than Someday. The music is nice after a few listens. I liked this song more than Someday. Overall a nice song to end the 12 Singles Collection.

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  1. […] Someday, this was the last of the singles to be released. I would’ve rather had Boys♥Girls instead of this song but that’s okay. This song is still good, just not as good as the other song. Here’s the review for Someday. […]

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