Shake It Up

Shake It Up was Koda Kumi’s 22nd single, this single too was part of the 12 Singles Collection and was limited to 50,000 copies. This single was released on December 28, 2005 and reached number 6 on the charts with over 44,000+ copies sold, this single would go on to sell over 47,000+ copies. The “dress” is Brazilian, mostly one of the dancers in Rio de Janeiro.

Shake It Up

1. Shake It Up
2. Shake It Up (Instrumental)

Shake It Up this song is somewhat hard to describe, but it suites the Brazil theme of the single., but at some points in the song it almost sounds a bit Spanish. It begins quickly and is quite upbeat. The music goes with the melody too, and it’s been arranged quite good actually. The song’s chorus is very catchy and fairly good. Drums and acoustic instruments are used, a few more are used but those are the ones that I heard the most. This song is pretty good in my opinion, a good listen.

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