Lies was Koda Kumi’s 23rd single and was the 5th of the 12 Singles Collection. This single was released on January 4, 2006 so this was her first single of 06 and it reached 7 on the charts with 43,900 copies sold, it would go on to sell almost 47,000 copies. The “dress” of this single is China.

Lies Cover

1. Lies
2. Lies (Instrumental)

Lies this song starts out with a R&B vibe and the most interesting music at one point it sounds like someone’s DJing with all the records being scratched. It’s a very fast song. It uses some English but the line “You are my bad boy” sounds more like “You are my butt boy.” The chorus is okay, but I’ve heard better, yet it is very catchy. Overall an okay song.

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  1. […] Lies this is a R&B song. The song was okay and I can see why it was added. It could’ve been better. Lies’s review can be found here. […]

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