D.D.D. feat SOULHEAD was Koda Kumi’s 21st single. It was released on December 21, 2005 and reached number 5 on the charts with 42,500+ copies, it would go on to sell over 48,000+ copies. This single was also limited to 50,000 copies. This was also her first collaboration on the 12 Singles Collection. Soulhead is the featured artist on this single. The “dress” of this single comes from Great Britain.

D.D.D. Cover

1. D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD
2. D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD (Instrumental)

D.D.D. feat. SOULDHEAD, the girl power inspiration. First of all, D.D.D stands for diamond diamond diamond. This song was inspired by the newer version of Lady Marmalade. This is kinda a girl power song, but it’s still good, even for us guys. This song is in my opinion a R&B song, with a lot of English. The English makes it sound a lot better than some of her previous songs. The song itself is very upbeat and catchy, especially the English. The verses were great, and surprisingly were catchy. The chorus was phenomenal in terms of vocals and shear power, it was the highlight of the song.  Overall one of her better R&B songs.

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  1. […] D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD, well one thing I can say is that most of these songs will have short reviews, because they’ve already been reviewed. This song is so good and it’s a nice addition to the album. It screams R&B with a little hip-hop, one of the best songs here. D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD has been reviewed here. […]

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