Birthday Eve

Birthday Eve was the second of Kumi’s 12 Singles Collection. This single was released on December 14, 2007 and reached number 6 on the charts. In total this single sold about 47,000+ copies and would go on to sell over 49,000+ copies. This is one of the singles that was limited to 50,000+ copies. The “dress” featured here is America, more specifically California.

Birthday Eve Cover

1. Birthday Eve
2. Birthday Eve (Instrumental)

Birthday Eve is a very pop song. It’s also very upbeat and happy. The chorus is catchy but that’s about all. The song sounds okay as lyrics go, but the music sounds magical almost with that sparkle sound. Overall not my favorite of the 12 Singles.

Birthday Eve Promo
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  1. […] Birthday Eve this is really a upbeat, pop song. Kumi’s voice sounds so innocent here compared to some of her other songs, so it’s a nice change. Every album needs one little pop song, so here it is. Birthday Eve’s review can be found here. […]

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