4 hot wave

4 hot wave was Koda Kumi’s 32nd single. This is Koda’s first and only quadruple A-Sided single, for those of you that don’t know it means that there are 4 songs. This single reached number two on the charts with 207,484 copies sold, it would go on to sell over 389,000+ copies. This is also her highest selling single, even beating out her real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba single within three weeks. Each of the four songs has a PV for it, and apparently they are all connected somehow with the plot.

4 Hot Wave

1. INTRODUCTION ~I’ll be there~
2. Ningyo-Hime
3. I’ll be there
4. INTERLUDE ~JUICY/Ningyo-Hime~
6. With you smile
7. OUTRODUCTION ~With your smile~

INTRODUCTION ~I’ll be there~ it begins with part of the song I’ll be there. It also has part of the melody and music. A nice soft into.

Ningyo-Hime, lit. Mermaid Princess, this is described as an explosive rock track with an impressive crashing rock sound. This song is heavily inspired by the guitar. The lyrics are interesting and that’s about it. To be honest with you it kinda scared me the first time i heard it. The chorus wasn’t all that great either, it was just so weird, and so unlike Kumi. And the guitars drowned out her voice so it was annoying. The video for this PV is also interesting. It seems like she’s singing near some wall, and to be perfectly honest it’s weird. I didn’t get this video at all, and the same goes with the song. I can say that this really isn’t her best song, and once you hear, or see, you’ll know too.

I’ll be there is next on this single. This song is described as mid-tempo tune that’ll make you feel summer. This song is a lot better than the rock Ningyo-Hime, and I mean a lot better. It’s also a bit lighter compared to the previous song. It’s a bit acoustic until the chorus, but it’s still nice. This song, as stated above is mid tempo but it’s upbeat, and wonderful. The chorus is catchy, but then again some parts are in English. The chorus also sounds so happy and is so good. This song was made for the summer. I love the sound of the drums and the acoustic guitar in this song, they create a calming peaceful, fun vibe.

INTERLUDE ~JUICY/Ningyo-Hime~, this begins with some sections of JUICY and Ningyo-Hime, a very interesting mix. Most of it though it from JUICY, you will hear the parts in JUICY, which is up next.

JUICY is up NOW! This song is a hard R&B track that sounds a little naughty lol, but none the less great. The melody is great, and the music fits the song so well. Now for the music, it’s comprised of many instruments, the most familiar is the flute, I think. This song sounds a little middle eastern/Egyptian. For some reason I think of a cobra that’s about to be released with that music. This song, like the others uses a little bit of English. The “Kill me now” and “Kill me tonight” gives it an interesting little touch. But as stated above this is R&B. The chorus sounds so interesting, but it’s so addictive and so catchy, especially with the vocals and the English. The PV for this song is the first of the 4. It involves Kumi seducing some people to get a treasure map, but everywhere she goes they follow her. This is also the most adultish of the PVs.

With you smile, this is by far my favorite track. This song was described as an aggressive dance tune. It’s also the most upbeat of the songs, and as mentioned above it’s a bit of a dance song, but I think it’s still a little more pop. This song begins with English and then Kumi begins singing. The melody is inspiring and the music, don’t get me started on the music. The music, besides the lyrics is the best part of the music, despite it being a little funny. I can honestly say that this is the best track on the single. The chorus is very catchy and upbeat too.

OUTRODUCTION ~With you smile~ this is the last track of the single. It’s a music box and piano rendition of With your smile, in other words the music box and piano are the only instruments here. It then goes dead silent until about 2:30, then it sounds like Ningyo-Hime takes over, well part of it. A nice ending to a fantastic single.

Overall Review: 4 hot wave was that classical summer single, with more edge and yet more happiness. Although the songs each had a different theme and feel they all came together to make one heck of a single. I’ve only listened to a few of her singles, but this is by far the best one yet. Pure summer fun, with a little naughty side. Another great single in the Black Cherry Era.

Final Grade: 94A-

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