12 Singles Collection: you

A little background, after Koda Kumi released BEST ~First Things~ she decided to release 12 singles for 12 consecutive weeks starting December 7, 2005. 9 of the 12 were limited to just 50,000 copies. Also each single features a “dress” if you will of another country/region.

You was Koda Kumi’s 19th single and was released on December 7, 2005. This was Kumi’s first number 1 on the charts. This single was not limited to 50,000 like the others. It sold 72,111 copies in the first week and went on to sell over 190,000 copies. The dress in this single in Alaska.


1. you
2. Sweet Kiss
3. you (Instrumental)
4. Sweet Kiss (Instrumental)

you is one of Kumi’s first magical winter ballads. This song is backed by an orchestra of stings, namely the violin. Her voice sounds so peaceful in this ballad. It’s one of my favorite of her songs from the 12 Singles Collection. The chorus is absolutely breath taking and even catchy, the lyrics are so uplifting. Overall it’s one of the best of her 12 Singles Collection.

Sweet Kiss this is just the opposite of you, this is a more upbeat and up tempo song. Where you was a ballad, this song sounds like an island beat. It’s still a good song, but it seems almost out of place with you here.

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  1. […] you, this was one of Kumi’s sweetest ballads at he time. It helps this album a lot. Let’s face it, without a good ballad there’s no good album. The review of you is here. […]

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