Traveling was Utada Hikaru’s 10th single and was released on November 28, 2001. This single sold 277,100 in it’s first week and managed to take the number 1 spot. It would go on to sell over 856,000+ copies, and it would become the number 2 single of the year behind Ayumi Hamasaki’s H. This was also the second single of her Deep River Era and it had a PV set in a futuristic city.

Traveling Cover

1. traveling
2. traveling -PLANITb Remix-
3. traveling -Bahiatronic Mix-
4. traveling (Original Karaoke)

traveling, the popular dance/pop song. Traveling is one of Hikki’s most popular songs ever written. The song itself is so up-beat, so happy. This song also uses a good amount of English, as most of her songs do. The song begins so quickly and it’s so amazing, the constant beats with melody that sounds great. And the chorus is so darn catchy and up-beat, and part of it is in English, well the Traveling part anyway. The verses are seem short, yet Hikki manages to lengthen them and make them even better. Anyway towards the end you can hear some English and it too sounds good.

traveling -PLANITb Remix- the heavy dance inspired remix. It begins right off with heavy dance beats and distorted voices. This song is also her longest song, with over 10:30 of music, even though most of it is music. If you love long songs that are upbeat and dance like this is the song for you, if not move on.

traveling -Bahiatronic Mix- this is the more laid back version of traveling. It begins with some odd music and beats. Not as upbeat as the original version. A guitar is the main instrument for this song.

Overall Review: traveling was the greatest dance machine single. It might be more pop but you can dance to it, especially since it’s so up-beat. I liked all of these remixes too, she should do this more often. It was nice to see a fun single from Hikki. Another great single in the Deep River Era.

Final Grade: 100A+

One Response to “traveling”
  1. lj says:

    I’ve been searching google images for utada hikaru’s CD cover scans and your site was brought to my attention.

    I’ve seen images like “”. but when I looked at the wordpress site, I cannot find any references to the I just mentioned.

    any chance you share your scans?

    thank you. 🙂

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