FINAL DISTANCE was Utada Hikaru’s 9th single. It released on July 25, 2001 and reached number 2 on the charts with 225,860+ copies sold. In all it would go on to tell over 582,000+ copies. This single was also her first single in the Deep River Era and her first single to have a PV directed by her now ex husband. This song was originally her song Distance, on the her Distance album, but after the death of a student who had written how she wanted to be a singer like Utada she arranged it into the ballad FINAL DISTANCE.

Final Distance Cover

2. Distance -PLANITb Remix-
3. Distance – m-flo Remix-
4. Distance
5. Distance (Original Karaoke)
6. FINAL DISTANCE (Instrumental)

FINAL DISTANCE, a sad and emotional song. This song, as stated above, is a ballad that was once originally the song Distance. The only difference between the two songs is one word and that this song was rearranged as a ballad. The song begins with the piano playing and is backed by an orchestra full of strings. Hikki’s vocals are so strong, so powerful, and filled with emotion. The lyrics are very profound and seem to fit this version rather than the R&B original. The chorus here sounds so amazing, with the piano playing and an orchestra of strings the chorus really shines through. A lovely ballad for the ages.

Distance -PLANITb Remix- was the beginning of the PLANITb remixes. The PLANITb remixes were only present during the Deep River Era of singles, and for Simple And Clean, and three of the four singles featured them. As always, these remixes feature heavy dance beats and are very fast. It begins with a minute intro and then she begins to sing. Again, the overall song moves faster than the original and it’s longer too. The vocals also sound a lot better, mostly because it fits so well with the music. The chorus here sounds a heck of a lot better than the original, Distance, chorus. The verses even sound better.

Distance -m-flo Remix- this is the song that is heavily remixed. It has a somewhat hip-hop theme. It’s a bit lighthearted when compared to the original, and it’s more up-beat. It’s not very dance oriented, it’s just extremely fast. The song still features the strings and they really make the song. A very nice remix, that was worked on by TAKU of m-flo, hence the name.

Distance, the original song. Originally found on Hikki’s Distance album. This song will be reviewed when I review the Distance album, but here’s a small one for now. This begins a sparkle sound, almost like a xylophone, and has some small drum beats. A very nice song.

Overall Review: FINAL DISTANCE was pure emotion and passion. The lyrics of this song are so powerful and so heartwarming, and at the same time you want to cry. Up at this point in her career there had never been a ballad so beautiful. I also loved this single because of the variety, a total of six tracks. What a great way to begin the Deep River Era.

Final Grade: 100A+

Final Distance PV

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