fairyland was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 36 single. It was released on August 3, 2005 and reached number 1 on the charts with 172,000+ copies sold. In all this single has sold over 316,000+ copies. This was also her first single to be released in CD and CD+DVD editions and have different covers for each. This was also the second single in her (miss)understood Era.


1. fairlyand
2. alterna
3. STEP you “DJ TAKI-SHIT More Step Up Remix”
4. fairyland “Bright Field Mix”
5. fairyland -Instrumental-
6. Alterna -Instrumental-

We being with the very first of hopefully many summer hits, fairyland. It’s your basic summer up-beat pop song. In the beginning when Ayumi starts to sing, her voice sounds a bit distorted, but don’t let that fool you, it sounds perfect for the song. This song has the catchiest beat, and a very addicting chorus. Although it might not be as catchy as a dance song, it’s very happy, up-beat, and just plain fun. You can also hear the electric guitar during the chorus, and more infamously during the bridge. And one thing about the brdiges during her songs are that they feature song of the best instrumentals, this one was just off the charts. The final chorus was really the best part of the song, and it was a wonderful end. Another interesting thing about this song is the PV. The PV was shot in Hawaii and cost about 2 million USD to make, with that said it’s one of the most expensive videos made. Overall a wonderful upbeat pop song, perfect for the summer.

What’s better than a summer tune? Well how about a strong rock empowered tune, this one entitled alterna. The beginning of it sounds like you’re sailing, but changes quickly. Ayumi’s voice is distorted again, soon afterwards the guitars come into play. This song is more of a rock song than a pop song that;s back almost entirely by the electric guitar and drums. The chorus, unlike Fairyland is very catchy and moves through the song very smoothly, and the “HEY!” part was great. The verses sounds excellent and that’s really a high point in the song. The bridge was a mixture of guitar riffs and the drums. The music went to well with the lyrics. The perfect addition to the summer single.

STEP you “DJ TAKI-SHIT More Step Up Remix” is basically another version of STEP you, but with the reggae feel. There’s some Jamaican persons voice in the background, I think he’s Jamaican, but it sounds so annoying. The original is far more superior to this remix.

As for the remix fairyland “Bright Field Mix” this is more of a dance remix. Her voice is distorted for sure. This is a much faster remix that is more of a dance song. Other than that there’s nothing to say, but I can honestly say that I prefer the STEP you remix to this one.

Overall Review: Fairyland was THE summer single of fun and happiness. The title track was a fantastic song and the B-Side was just as good, if not better. You had a blaring pop tune with a raging rock empowerment, two different songs yet a wonderful duo. The two remixes were as good as remixes can get. It was another great single from Ayumi. The two PV’s for the videos were also a great plus. This is just what she needed for the (miss)understood Era.

Final Grade: 96A


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