Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 9th single. It was released on July 14, 1999 and reached number 1 on the charts with 261,750 copies sold. In all it would go on to sell about 1,037,950+ copies. It was so successful that Ayumi was invited to perform at the Kohaku Uta Gassen concert, I guess it’s a big honor in Japan. Anyway it was the first of many singles to have a large number of remixes of it, in other words from here on out until Daybreak all singles would have five or six remixes. It was also her 2nd number 1 single. And it was the 4th single in her LOVEppears Era.

Boys & Girls

1. Boys & Girls “MAD FILTER MIX”
2. Boys & Girls “AUBE Original Mix
3. Boys & Girls “Higher Uplift Mix”
5. Boys & Girls “HΛL’s Mix”
6. Boys & Girls “Melt Down Dub Mix”
7. TO BE “Bright Mix”
9. Boys & Girls “Dub’s club Remix”
10. Boys & Girls “AUBE Original Mix -Instrumental-”

*Since this is one of Ayumi’s older singles and features a number or remixes, I will only review the original.
Boys & Girls “AUBE Original Mix” the pop sensation. I wasn’t really interested in this song until today believe it or not. I just clicked on it and with one listen I was blown away. I see why it’s such a great song. The song starts off with a ta la la la la la la, after that it turns into a pop/dance song. It’s very upbeat and man is it addictive. It’s back by electrical guitars and a keyboard and it sounds absolutely amazing. The chorus is the best part of this song as it’s fast paced, upbeat, pop, and so catchy. The verses are just as catchy as the chorus, and they sound amazing too. The bridge features an electric guitar and the drums. This is such a great song! A new favorite of mine from Ayumi.

Overall Review: Boys & Girls was a smash hit single. It boosted Ayumi to new heights in terms of a singer, and it was her first million selling single. I loved it because it was so new, and something different that what I’ve seen Ayumi make recently. This is an unforgettable single in my opinion

Final Grade: 100A+


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