INSPIRE was Ayumi’s 33st single. It was released July 28, 2004 and reached number 1 on the charts with 180,000+ copies sold. In total this single has sold over 420,000+ copies. This is also the second single in her MY STORY Era.

3. INSPIRE -Instrumental-
4. GAME -Instrumental-

INSPIRE, the empowered rock tune. It starts off will some little chimes and quickly turns into an electric guitar powered song. Ayumi begins singing the verses which sound so great. The chorus begins shortly afterwards and it sounds so riveting. It’s so catchy mostly because it’s very fast and the guitar riffs. Another verse begins this time Ayumi’s voice sounds soft, and yet powerful. Then the chorus begins yet again and this time it sounds better. Then the bridge come into play and it’s so magnificent, the guitar riffs are so amazing. The choruses then begin until the song ends.

GAME, the darker side. This song is also a rock song, and even uses some English, well the GEEMU part which is game. After a long and beautiful soft intro the rock vibe takes over. Ayumi’s voice is also distorted in right before she sings the chorus, a good thing, it makes the song more interesting. The chorus here sounds darker but it’s just as catchy. Afterwards it becomes more of a rock song. If you love rock songs this one is just for you.

Overall Review: INSPIRE was the a superb rock single. I especially loved the whole rock theme to it. I think that it was just what MY STORY needed, as some songs were…so-so. I loved how INSPIRE was all rock and had different chorus and how GAME used some English along with some rock elements and the occasional voice distortion. Overall, one of the best rock singles to date.

Final Grade: 100A+

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  1. […] GAME, the B-Side to INSPIRE! This song definitely helps add to the rock vibe of this album. I can honestly say it was a great decision for her to add this song. It’s already been reviewed here. […]

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