Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep A Secret? was Utada’s 8th single. It was released on Febuary 16, 2001and not only reached number 1 on the weekly charts but also reached number 1 on the yearly charts with over 1,485,000+ copies. This was Hikki’s first, and only, single that managed to be the number 1 single of the year. This is also her last single to sell over 1 million copies. This was also seen as a turning point in my opinion with her music. After this single, most all of her singles became more pop inspired, not like Ultra Blue though.

Can You Keep A Secret?

1. Can You Keep A Secret?
2. Kettobase!
3. Can You Keep A Secret? (Original Karaoke)

Ending her R&B campaign is Can You Keep A Secret? It’s one of her more R&B inspired songs. The song features some great beats as always along with some incredible music. With the acoustic guitar and a synth element, it’s all good. Not to mention the bell. But what I loved even more were Hikki’s vocals. They were strong when it counted and they sounded amazing. Overall the song was catchy as can be, and that melody was awesome. And the repetitive yet catchy English was perfect. And the ad-libbing was awesome.

And even though Kettobase! is a B-side, it’s incredible. This song is a bit more rock influenced rather than R&B. Anyway, this is a really great song. It starts off with “I want your baby, I want your baby” I first thought it was a little odd but after a few listens it sounded better. This song is mostly driven by an electric guitar. You can even here some drums in the background. It’s one of her few rock songs, but it’s also one of her finest. Her vocals were especially strong in this song and that makes it worth listening to. And the chorus is just so infectious. The melody is fascinating and catchy, not to mention the guitar riffs.

Overall Review: Can You Keep A Secret? was R&B passion with some rock flare. This single was really her last R&B single in her career. Afterwards it was more pop influenced. But this single had some incredible diversity, I mean R&B and rock, odd but it works. Each was a powerhouse of either music or vocals. And it sounded sensational and rather catchy. Such an extravagant way to end the Distance Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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