Passion was Utada Hikaru’s 15th single and was released on December 14, 2005. This single did poorly on the charts in my opinion, only selling a total of about 112,000 copies, managing to reach number 4 on the charts, her lowest chart position including “Boku was Kuma” which also reached number 4. The song was used as the theme song for the Japanese edition of Kingdom Hearts II. This song along with her English counterpart, Sanctuary, is known for using reversed lyrics, which is why it is so popular. Passion was also the fourth single in the ULTRA BLUE Era.


1. Passion ~Single Version~
2. Passion ~After the Battle~

What better way to begin the single with the Passion ~Single Version~. One thing about this song is the popularity, which is off the chart. It’s a fan favorite mostly due to it being a theme song but even without that it’s still good. Anyway, it starts off with some wonderful ad-libbing and the infamous reversed lyrics along with the guitar, followed by the drums. The lyrics of this song are so profound and the melody is incredible. This version of the song includes another verse, hence the Single Version, differing from the version featured on the game. The chorus is pretty catchy too, and the music itself is so good. Utada even adds “My Fears My Lies,” a little line from Sanctuary.

The ~After the Battle~ was also featured on the KH2 game, but as one of the final tracks. The version is just more of a ballad version, and more heart wrenching. The song is instead driven by the piano and features a softer tone, and the final verse was also left out. It still includes the reversed lyrics but it’s been lengthened and the tempo is slower. But it still features the same ending, the drums playing.

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