Keep Tryin’

Keep Tryin’ was Utada’s 16th single and was released on Febuary 22, 2006. This single reached 2 on the charts and sold about 70,000+ copes and went on to sell over 125,000+ copies during it’s chart run. Although it has low physical sales, the digital sales were more than 2,500,000. It was the number 82 on the yearly charts but according to Itunes Japan, it was the most downloaded song of 2006 in Japan. This also marked the return of her Original Karaokes, the last one was COLORS, released in 2003, even though there were no background vocals whatsoever. Hikki’s digital sales were strongest here until Flavor of Life surpassed them. It was also the last single in the ULTRA BLUE Era.

Keep Tryin’

1. Keep Tryin’
3. Keep Tryin’ (Original Karaoke)

Very pop sounding is the winter Keep Tryin’. It, like many of her previous songs, would fall under her more experimental pop music. The songs has a positive message, yet features some rather humorous lyrics. And naturally the chorus is a bit lighthearted and pretty up-beat. I find Hikki’s vocals to sound especially good in this song, especially since they’re so happy sounding. The toy piano that sounds a little broken during the bridge sounds so adorable, very fitting. The melody of the song overall was catchy, guess that’s why this song is so memorable. The ending was amazing too, I liked that it didn’t end with an instrumental. Pretty catchy as a whole, no wonder it’s so popular.

WINGS was the B-Side of Keep Tryin’. This song is primarily driven by the piano. The lyrics in this song are calming and beautiful when it comes down to it. I love the chorus here because it’s so sweet and a little catchy. A nice addition to the single and to her album Ultra Blue. And for some reason I could’ve sworn I heard this song in a Whirlpoor Dryer commercial in the US, well it was the Ah, ah, ahhh, that can be heard in the last minute of the song. Who knows?

Overall Review: Keep Tyrin’ was such an up-beat attractive single. The title track was so great, even with the funny lyrics, and the B-Side was actually good too. I never thought that Hikki could release such a great single. This was such a great digital seller too. It was the perfect way to end the ULTRA BLUE Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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  1. […] The fantastic Keep Tryin’ appears next. The lyrics are a bit humorous but that’s great. The music is very pop and synth oriented, no surprise. It’s very fitting of the wonderful winter tune. I loved the toy piano during the bridge, such a sweet edition to the song. Anyway the lyrics tell us all to Keep Tryin’, go figure. It was also her best song in terms of digital sales until it was surpassed. The chorus was so up-beat and sounded so wonderful. And the pre-chorus sounded incredible as well, must be her amazing vocals and the music. […]

  2. […] The fan favorite Passion was also included, and right after that was the up-beat and synth driven Keep Tryin’. Not sure why, but she also included This Is Love, good call though, because it’s […]

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