COLORS was Utada Hikaru’s 13th single and was released on January 29, 2003.  It reached number 1 on the weekly charts selling 437,903 copies in the first week. Eventually this single would go on to sell over 893,000+ copies making it the number 3 single of the year. This would also be her last single to sell over 500,000+ copies until Flavor of Life. This single also contains her famous English track Simple and Clean, along with the remix.


2. Simple And Clean
3. Simple And Clean -PLANITb Remix-
4. COLORS (Original Karaoke)

COLORS is perhaps on the best songs Hikki’s written. After getting married and going on her honeymoon in France she wrote this song, as she was inspired by the colors of the French flag. This song is known for its new ethereal and experimental sound. The lyrics of this song are profound and enchanting. The verses sound nice and feature great vocals. The chorus however is so flawless and sounds so beautiful. The chorus itself is so memorable and magnificent. The song is short but the choruses make up for it all. This song is something that you need to hear.

Simple And Clean is the song that started it all for me. It was used as the theme song for Kingdom Hearts. This song is sung completely in English and sounds so breathtaking. The lyrics are so beautiful. The chorus was very pleasant and so very understandable. I even loved the verses of this song, almost magical; but mostly so simple, so clean. Anyway this is the song that got me into Japanese music, so it’s thanks to Hikki that I love Japanese music.

Simple And Clean -PLANITb Remix- one of her best remixes in my opinion. It starts off with a heart beating. It then turns into a somewhat dance song. Hikki’s singing actually begins around the two minute point. It’s a lot faster and more upbeat than the regular version. But perhaps one of the better remixes.

Overall Review: COLORS was the picture of ethereal music and a new beginning. It was the first single to demonstrate Hikki’s new era and new beginning of music as she left her R&B roots for more ethereal and synth music, something that she’s quite famous for. The title track was beautiful and so profound. And what was even better was the B-Side, which was one of her best English hits, and something that most Kingdom Hearts players now know. What a new, vibrant, vivid beginning for the ULTRA BLUE Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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